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Student Advising Center

We believe in matching the right student to the right university. With the vast data of university options, courses, and careers out there, it can be confusing to know where, when, and how to apply!


We help you find the right fit. Let’s discuss your past academics, career aspirations, grades, and test scores.


The academic levels of study that you can join are Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, Doctorate as well as Associate Degrees, Diplomas and Professional Courses. We guide you through this and more :

  • Study Destinations

  • Program Choices

  • Trending Careers

  • Budget & Planning

  • Application Process

  • Admission Offers

  • Visa Application

  • Post Study Work

Graduation Ceremony

Services for Students

Career Advising

We assist students in organizing their opinions about career options and professional objectives. Our advisors help in exploring degree programs as per your academic background, grades, test scores, subject interests, budget and location preferences. Universities are shortlisted based on these parameters. Our aim is to "match the right student with the right university". Post-study work opportunities are also an important factor taken into account.


Financial Aid And Scholarships

Helping you explore financial aid options and scholarship opportunities to make your education more affordable.


Application Assistance

Our Admissions Counselor will walk you through step-by-step, helping with your application forms and documentation, keeping a check on specific university requirements and deadlines. We provide a hassle-free experience and process your application in a timely and smooth manner. You will be guided on Statement Of Purpose and essays, special documents and forms to be submitted, scholarship application and admission interviews.


Pre-Departure Support

Ensuring a smooth transition with pre-departure support, including travel arrangements, accommodation guidance, and essential preparations.


Student Visa & Pre-Arrival

Visa documentation and interview holds the key to a students’ successful departure to a foreign university. That is why we remain updated with the latest Visa requirements, immigration policies and checklists. We guide students on how to apply for visa and what to expect in the interview; we help you organize financial documentation. Post Visa - travel, housing, insurance and finance guidance is given for smooth transition to your campus abroad.


Ongoing Post-Landing Support

Continued support and resources to help you settle into your new environment, adapt to cultural differences, and overcome any challenges during your journey.


How We Help You Choose

the Perfect University


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College Students


Studying in Groups

Why Study in Abroad?

Gain a Global Perspective

Academic Excellence

Career Opportunities

World-Class Education

Cultural Exchange

and more

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